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Skidmark Garage

Skidmark Rules of Conduct

  1. Don’t be a douche.

Tools & Bays

  1. Each bay has its own set of mostly identical tools.  Return the tools to the bay they came from.  If you must borrow a tool from another bay, it is imperative that you return that tool to its proper bay when you are done using it.  It is very possible that you will not be using the same bay every time you come in to work on your bike.

  2. Keep your bay clean during use, and clean it after use.  Expect your parts to get lost if you do not put them in your bin.  Skidmark Garage is not responsible for your parts getting lost.

  3. You must remove your bike from the bench before you leave for the day.  If you leave your bike on the bike bench when you are not here working on it, you will incur an extra charge for each day it’s on the bench because it prevents another member from working on their bike at that bay.

  4. Put ALL your parts in the bins provided and store them on any shelf in the shop that has space.  Use duct tape to label your bin(s) with your name and model bike from which the parts came.

  5. Use ziplock bags to organize your parts.  Take pictures of everything during every step of disassembly.

  6. Rags, ziplocks, zipties, PB Blaster/WD40, carb cleaner and the like are provided for you - and built into the cost of membership - to make your job and life easier.  Wherever these items live is where you should return them when you are done using them.

  7. If a tool breaks, don’t freak out.  Things break; unless you were negligent about its use, you will not be charged for a replacement.  Not having to worry about breaking tools is one benefit to using Skidmark.  But please let someone know that it is broken so a new one can be obtained.

  8. The welders and metal shaping tools are dangerous, and expensive to purchase and maintain.  No member is allowed to use them until they have proven capability and/or taken the class to “certify” the member.

  9. Don’t be a douche. 

Extra Precautions

  1. ALL flammable liquids must be kept in the fireproof cabinet when not in use.  Be diligent!  We can be closed down by the county for breaking this rule.

  2. Don’t work on your bike wearing flip-flops.  Wear the provided eye protection.  Wear the provided disposable gloves.  If you get hurt, you can’t win a lawsuit against Skidmark Garage (You signed a waiver, remember?  Also, I have no money).

  3. If you must start your bike, open a door to prevent fumes from choking out other members and turn the shop fan on to blow the exhaust outside.

  4. Don’t be a douche.



  1. Currently, the rates for membership are $25/hr, or $150/month, or $750/six months, or $1200/year (all basic membership rates).  Membership is to be paid up front.  Your membership time begins the first time you bring your bike in - for storage or to work on it.  You have unlimited hours during your paid-for membership time.

  2. Storing extra motorcycles here beyond the one included in the membership price is an additional $1/day/motorcycle.  This is to be paid up front, 30 days at a time.  If your extra bike gets taken out before the 30 days expire, you will get refunded for days not used.

  3. Skidmark Garage thrives on members helping members.  In the absence of douche-baggery, you should always feel free to watch, help, learn, and ask for help from anyone that happens to be in the garage.

  4. Bring your friends in to help you with your project.  There is no charge for this - membership costs are based on how many bikes you have in the garage.  Don’t bring anyone in that is a douche.

  5. Help from other members is free up to a point.  If you are working on a bike that you intend to flip, you can probably expect to receive even less help - the members are not here to help your side business.  No member is every permitted to work on anyone else’s bike.

  6. Don’t be a douche.

Garage Environment

  1. Give Brian three Pandora stations (essentially your three favorite bands) to add to the shuffle list so that you hear music you like in addition to the music of other members that are in the garage at the same time as you.

  2. Smoking is not allowed inside the garage.

  3. The lounge and lounge games are for all members to enjoy.  Members are encouraged to use the lounge for their parties - the more people that experience Skidmark Garage, the better the chances are that more people will join.  Members can rent the lounge at a 50% discount.

  4. Feel free to bring food and/or drink into the garage and use the refrigerators to keep things cold.  Be warned that some of your food/drink may disappear.  The fridge will be cleaned out regularly.

  5. Be a team player - if you notice a garbage can is full, take it out to the dumpster and put a new liner in it.

  6. No Drinking

  7. Don’t be a douche.




  • Leaving a bench and bay unusable for other members.

    • Take your bike off the lift

    • Put your parts in your bin

    • Put your bin away


  • Making me chase you down for payment.

  • Storing extra bikes without paying.

  • Not putting specialty tools back so other members have to spend time searching for them.

  • Bringing your own tools.

  • Talking about politics.

  • Camping out/claiming ownership of a bay.

Rules of Conduct

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