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The Lounge



The Skidmark Lounge is available to rent by the hour for your parties.  Pricing varies, so email for availability and costs.  Generally, parties have been open to the members continuing to work on their bikes while the party happens, however,  if you would prefer the garage to be closed to members during your party, that is also possible if you are willing to pay extra.

What's Included

The Skidmark Lounge is 1600 square feet and includes a stage for a band, a PA system, a pool table, a foosball table, seating for 50, a bar (you provide all the beverages - we do not have a liquor license), two refrigerators, and the absolute coolest built-in atmosphere you’ll find anywhere.


This is far from a white-walled, linoleum-floored, brightly lit institutional space with a dozen folding tables.  The Skidmark Lounge has all the character needed to make your party different from any other party you’ve attended.

A Few Other Details

  • The fenced-in parking lot can hold up to about 20 cars, but there is plenty of free parking on the three streets surrounding the building.

  • This is NOT the place for you if you are hoping to have a party with strippers.  Don’t even ask.

  • The bar does not have running water piped to it.  But it does have a kegerator should you want to bring a keg.

  • Walking around the garage and admiring the motorcycles is welcome, but touching them is not a good idea.  Please tell any children this.

skidmark garage lounge
men playing table foosball at skidmark garage lounge
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