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Skidmark Garage

Our Facilities

Skidmark Garage repair bays

Our Garage

The garage is almost 12,000 square feet of heaven.  We have 220v outlets, airlines in several locations that can be pulled to virtually any bay, commercial-free music playing at all times, refrigerators for your food/beverage, and clean bathrooms.  Beyond the 20 work bays (each stocked with hand tools), the garage’s best feature is the community of people doing the same thing you are - fixing their motorcycle.  All are welcome who, welcome all at Skidmark Garage.  We boast an incredibly diverse membership that owns a wide variety of bikes.  The motorcycle is what brings us all together in this safe space, and we work hard to make sure people feel welcome, safe, and valued.  It is impossible to be perfect at this task of protecting our culture in Skidmark Garage, but we’ll give it our best shot.  This is not a traditional garage in that nobody is allowed to work on anything but the bikes they own.  Nobody is permitted to act as a mechanic and take any form of payment for work performed.  We have some partners in town we can send you to should you get in over your head and cannot proceed to DIY.

Our Work Space

Each work bay is equipped with all the basic tools you’ll need to accomplish most tasks on your motorcycle.  Each work bay is essentially set up exactly the same, so it does not matter which work bay you choose each time you come in to wrench on your bike.  The left side of each work bay contains the standard wrenches, allen wrenches, and sockets, the right side has the metric wrenches, allen wrenches, and sockets.  In between you’ll find all the different sizes screwdrivers, pliers, picks, hammers and mallets…  Most work bays have an impact driver for those screws that won’t make an easy exit.  There is a fire extinguisher, safety glasses, rags, and PB Blaster on each work bay.  There are several sizes of vice grips, crescent wrenches, and ratchets on each bay.  Each lift has tie down straps and a wheel chock to safely keep your bike elevated while you work.

Power & Specialty Tools

The list of speciality tools is extensive.  It is quicker to tell you what you cannot do at Skidmark Garage.  We do not have a paint booth, so you can’t paint your bike, and we don’t have the machines necessary to bore out your cylinders.  Other than that, we have almost everything you’ll need.  SOME of the specialty tools you’ll have access to are: Tire changer and balancer, Sandblast cabinet, Bearing pullers, MIG and TIG welders, Angle grinders, Carb sync tools, English wheel, Lathe, Bandsaw, Parts washers, Ultrasonic cleaner, End Mill, Tube bender…the list is almost endless.  If your bike needs a special tool to get a job done, chances are we will buy it - someone will need it again at some point.


Some of these specialty tools require training before you are permitted to use them, and we can cross that bridge when the time arrives.  Someone will generally watch over your shoulder to ensure you are safe until it is clear you are not a danger to yourself or others.